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Açık hava çift


Trekking is one of the lightest branches of nature sports. It means a long and tiring walk. You can go for a trekking by following the oxygen-filled pathways we have prepared for you around our hotel.


   Rafting is an exciting activity that is at the top of the list of extreme sports-loving adrenaline enthusiasts from all over the world. Kaçkar Mountains to the north, fed by dozens of rivers, Storm Creek is one of the few trails in Turkey for rafting because of the high flow rate. You can take advantage of Viya Rafting, which is about 15 minutes away by car from our hotel with our contracted facilities.

Palovit Waterfall

It is one of Rize's highest waterfalls. This famous waterfall in a lush forest, foaming flows towards the stream bed from a height of about 15 meters. Palovit can be watched from a high point on the rocky location. An excellent visual feast that must be visited after the historic Zil castle is also very close to the bell castle, about 6 km. If you are coming to Rize, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Palovit.

Zil Castle

Bell castle dominates a passage in Fırtına Valley, 12 km south of Çamlıhemşin district. Located on a high hill, consisting of 8 bastions and a watchtower, it is a fortress that can be accessed by a ladder to the Zil Stream, which is a defense moat; the exact date of construction is unknown. The distance between Zil Castle and our hotel is 12 km and it takes approximately 20 minutes by car. Zil Castle is in the first place among the places we want our guests to see in Çamlıhemşin.

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Pokut and Sal Plateaus

Our guests can enjoy the unique view of Pokut and Sal after the road, which takes about 1 hour, by following the road with a view of Fırtına Stream. The clouds will be under your feet. It is the first of the Sal-Hazindağ plateau series, located between the valley formed by Fırtına and Hala streams. The plateau, which has an ideal environment for hiking, taking pictures and relaxing, draws attention with its unique architecture as well as its rich biological diversity. Its foggy landscapes and authentic wooden houses provide Pokut with fabulous and authentic views.


Gito Plateau
   It is reached through a scenic forest road towards the south from Firtina Valley. It is a highland with a view and a dominant position. It is a plateau known for its unique nature where you can feel true self above the clouds when you get there. It is 4km from Dudi Mansion and takes about 11 minutes by car.


Ayder Plateau
Ayder is not only the very-well known plateaus in Turkey, but also one of the rare very-well known plateaus in the world. Ayder, which fascinates people with its magnificent nature, is among the places to be seen. You can go to Aydere with the tours organized by our hotel or you can have a pleasant time. The distance from our hotel to Ayder Plateau takes about 30 minutes by car.


You can contact our hotel reception for the above activities and excursions.

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